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Do you? 

Do you remember me on sleepless nights? Do you miss those days, those pretty sights? 

Do you remember me, seeing the setting sun? Does it feel like you too, have lost someone? 

Do you think of me when you are walking home? Does it burden you,to feel alone? 

Do you hear my voice, when you see my name? We are miles apart, do you feel the same? 

Do you wish that things weren’t as they’d become? Do you miss my hugs, when you come undone? 

Do you wish that we were, what we once were? Do you think of me, when you are with her? 


Ghost Lips


My cold skin against your warm body.
I can still feel your ghost lips.

The way our minds synced and our bodies collided.
Like waves crashing onto the shore..
Passion, lust, thirst for more.
I can still feel your ghost lips.

My heart was broken, my mind was numb.
But you turned my world around.
Your eyes were my scenery, your words my music.
My cold heart was thawed by those lips.

It has been a while now.
You have changed, we have changed.
Even then on dark, lonely nights.
I am haunted by your ghost lips. 



There is a chill in the wind.
Winter is here.
But I dont feel it.
Caged within fear.

My knees are crumbling.
Incessant rattling in my head.
I am supposed to take the world,
But I’d rather be dead.

This daily struggle.
Is making me hollow.
Its too much to comprehend.
Too much to swallow.

In my 6*4 room
These demons get amplified.
They cover the walls of my room from
the walls of my heart.
Till no seperation can be realised.

Who says the past has passed.
When it continues to hunt me down.
The past will always last.
Even after I am 6 feet underground.

– Fictionatrix

Who is she?


That girl,
With the wild laughter.
That masked away her pain,
her scars.

The girl,
With the twinkling eyes,
Her heart,
Was a graveyard of stars.

Who is she?
You wonder.
But no one ever tried to know!

There are oceans, forests, a universe within her.
But she shall never show!

(Yes that is me, under the beautiful Chinar leaves in Kashmir! 🙂 )

Taken with a Micromax Canvas A1

– Fictionatrix

Is it there? It is there!


Is anybody ever listening?
Is anybody even there?
When my flickering heart gives out.
Would anybody care?

Is anybody watching?
It follows on a pale mare.
I am trying to hide, to run
But I know not where.

Does anybody know?
The things that stare.
At me, are inside my head,
I am the monster, I am the lair.

The days and nights are blurred.
Life seems like an unending stair.
Scream! Let the whole world know.
Ha! They know that I would not dare.

There is darkness all around.
I am the scarer, I am the scared.
It will absorb and engulf me
Till nobody knows,
It was there, I was there.

– Fictionatrix