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We found Love-Preface

Here is a little example of a concept that I had in mind. This story is supposed to be such where the main characters grow up within the story, so the reader gets to see how the characters have evolved.
I have for years not written any fictional story, for someone very important to me once told me that my imagination was worthless. I am trying to regain my lost confidence, and am finding a way to ignite my imagination again. Do let me know, what you think about it. Criticism welcome.

Once upon a time, in a metro city in India, a couple was blessed with a baby girl. All her life she wondered, how the hell could her parents have fallen in love. She was the result of this extra ordinary union that she couldn’t fathom. She had heard the story a million times and yet it all seemed like sorcery.

Her Father was a military man, who followed rules, to the dot. He was always prim and proper. His hair perfectly combed to a side.
Not a single strand was ever out of place!

It seemed as though all rules in the world were written for him to follow. Despite being in the military, he was a man with a kind heart and of few words. He hardly spoke unless necessary, and a few words would always suffice.
He was also a master of trades.

He could do all odd jobs for a mechanic, a driver, an electrician, a carpenter, he was also a musician, percussion instruments were his forte. He read manuals like bookaholics drank their favourite novel. And took his coffee black no sugar. 

Her mother was a woman of words. Who had a big heart and a free spirit. She was a bomb! She was small compared to her husband, and had a dark storm cloud upon her head for hair! Messed up, like an upturned bowl of noodles!

She was bubbly and joyous. The life of every gathering, her mind was filled with ideas and innovations. Her hands had magic, she could make a gourmet meal out of anything! She took her coffee with double cream and enough sugar to cause diabetes!

These two souls were opposites in every way. The yin to the yang. The stern mountain and the babbling Brook.
The dry partched land and drenching rain. The nicely raked pile of leaves and the tornado!

  They were family friends, had met at a few functions and became friends.
Then followed years and years of letters.

(Letter-noun-A piece of paper carrying a message.

Letter writing-Verb- An ancient form of social networking, where people
physically took the effort of writing to one another.Gasp!)

And somewhere in each other’s words, they found love. . .

To know more, keep looking forward for chapter-1

– Fictionatrix