Inexplicable – Little Poem #40


Inexplicable sense of feeling…

When you feel so much, 

That you feel nothing at all.

When you want to stand, 

But you’d rather fall. 

When you keep it all inside,

When you’d rather let go of it all. 

When you feel so much, 

That you feel nothing at all. 


Do you? 

Do you remember me on sleepless nights? Do you miss those days, those pretty sights? 

Do you remember me, seeing the setting sun? Does it feel like you too, have lost someone? 

Do you think of me when you are walking home? Does it burden you,to feel alone? 

Do you hear my voice, when you see my name? We are miles apart, do you feel the same? 

Do you wish that things weren’t as they’d become? Do you miss my hugs, when you come undone? 

Do you wish that we were, what we once were? Do you think of me, when you are with her? 

To the love that never was. #Ramblings 2 

I was at a very low time in my life. You came in like a ray of sunshine and my dark dull gloomy days were taken aback. 

Before I could fathom, comprehend, react and resist, as I always do, I had become comfortable in the warmth that I didnt want to close the door. 

This time will be different, I told my wounded heart.This time feels different.

And so it did. Or so I thought.

We spent hours in a conversation that never ended. 

You were the one who made me fall for your voice.

You were the one who made me see the stars in rain.

You were the one who made me forget my pain.

You were the one, who left.

No, I didn’t love you. It feels wrong to say that I did, or do, because now you are somewhere else with someone else. 

No I didn’t love you, not fully, not completely atleast.

But I loved you enough to be devasted by the end of our tryst.

No it wasn’t love, was there even affection, I question now. Was it just me, or was there a bit of you too?

I am not certain, nor will I ever ask.

And even if there was, I am sure it was your mask.

For you, my darling who, became the sunshine that brings the rain.

I didn’t want this to be the same. 



​”Reflecting” 29.07.16 

Visiting cities like Kolkata, feels like entering a time-machine.  

Michele Obama’s recent words ring in my mind, when I come across monuments like these. 

“Built by slaves.” 

As awe inspiring is their magnificence, so heart wrenching are  the foundations of power and subjugation on which they stand.

  A constant reminder of what we were, what we became, what we are now and how we have transformed as a people and as a nation. 

A few of my favourite things! #2 Sunsets 

​These monsoon days, Delhi and its terrible traffic jams are over shadowed, by beautiful heavenly, and splendid sunsets. 

A bit poetic I think. 

How, hundreds of people, honking, swearing, running out of time, are made to witness something so profound, and overwhelming, that it slows down time, even if for a little while. .

 A good exercise of putting life into perspective.

 And such momentary instances, like a sunset, are over even before you know it. What kind of life are we leading if we don’t have the time to pause and and admire such a sight! 

How I wish objects in this mirror were closer than they appeared! 

In a year of 365 days, one should atleast witness a 100 sunsets and sunrises. I try to catch one everyday, but yesterday’s was magnificent. 

To live a life, you need to live in the moments.

 As a photographer, I see myself as a collector of such  moments. 

Wishing that you get blessed to witness many such moments. ❤

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A few of my favourite things! #1 Rain (Photopost) 

I often go into a spiral of self loathing, and depreciation. I get over whelmed by work around me and get lost, drowned in the possibilities of all that could go wrong. 

Recently, I came across a lovely concept which said, make a list of thing you love doing. Now, try incorporating them in your daily routine. 

So, the following, category of posts is going to be about the little things that I like. Just to remind myself, as sometimes under my self inflicted burden, I forget the reasons life can be lived for. 

One of these things is rain. My favourite. I was born during the monsoons, so I like to believe that the first sound I ever heard was of rain. Despite the humidity and inconvenience caused, especially in travelling to and fro. I just love this season. I guess my mood mind likes the grey moody hues. Who knows! 
This is also a photo project. Which I hope will give me some inspiration, to go out and click pictures, and in turn, discover more about myself. ❤ 

Which are your favourite things? 

Do you have a favourite season?